Microsoft ‘Velocity’ in memory distributed cache

3 06 2008

I like the sound of this, currently we use Tangosol which is massively overpriced, maybe we have an alternative!

“Velocity” is a distributed in-memory application cache platform for developing scalable, available, and high-performance applications. Using “Velocity,” applications can store any serializable CLR object without concern for where the object gets stored because data is cached across multiple computers. “Velocity” allows copies of data to be stored across the cache cluster, protecting data against failures.





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6 06 2008
Bill Bain

I just wanted to point out that our company, ScaleOut Software, has been delivering fully featured, scalable, highly available distributed caching for .NET since January, 2005. (At about $1K per server, it’s also much more cost-effective than Tangosol!) The key features that Microsoft listed at TechEd for release in CTP2 and V1 (and others which will not be available in V1) are available today in ScaleOut StateServer. SOSS is also self-configuring and self-healing. Please see our Web site’s press release for our response to the Velocity announcement. Thanks.

28 07 2008
Paul Adams

I was also looking at Velocity but as its CTP1 and there is no hint whether it will be free or have some sort of licensing structure. I have been using Alachisoft’s NCache for last couple of months. The pricing model is not to high. I must say about this company is that they are creative and have come up with some reasonably good features. One thing that should be praised is their support. These guys are too good to respond.

8 10 2008
Iqbal Khan

Thanks Paul!

NCache Express is a FREE edition of NCache and good for 2-server cache clusters. And, if you need to scale up, NCache Enterprise is available. We also offer very attractive special prices for small configurations.

Check out NCache at

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